"Ey Up Nottingham" Chorizo

Nottingham Chorizo is a UK-manufactured charcuterie product that draws inspiration from the traditional Spanish method of making chorizo. This chorizo variety incorporates an equal balance of smoked paprika and garlic, which are classic flavour components in traditional chorizo recipes. However, it also adds a unique twist by incorporating tomato for a gentle sweetness. The production process for Nottingham Chorizo typically involves the following steps: High-quality cuts of pork, often sourced locally, are chosen for making the chorizo. The selection of pork cuts may vary depending on the desired fat-to-lean meat ratio. The chosen pork is seasoned with a mixture of smoked paprika, garlic, and tomato. The smoked paprika provides the characteristic smoky flavour and vibrant red colour, while garlic adds its aromatic notes. The addition of tomato lends a gentle sweetness to the chorizo, enhancing its overall flavour profile.