Ey Up Mi Duck Charcuterie

Hi There,welcome to our brand new website introducing you to our finest range of locally produced charcuterie products, we hope you like our products showcased below and that this inspires you to check out our social media links above to see where we are standing very soon.

"Fitzooth" Mild Salami

"Ey Up Garibaldi" Salami

"Gilpin" Coppa Spicy

"Ey Up Jerk" Jamacian Jerk Salami

"Knot In Ham" Air Dried Ham

"Lady Of Leaford" Salami

"Loin Of Loxley" Pork Loin In Red Wine

"No Smoke Without Fire" Smoked Pork Loin

"Ey Up Nottingham" Chorizo

"Ey Up Spicy" Chorizo

"Ey Up Squire" Rosemary & Garlic Salami

"Tug" Coppa Original